We give a specious gift for our custumes! There's the feedback from them as below. 

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I would like to recommend a car rental company in Taiwan.

They provide a comfortable car and their driver is professional. It is really a wonderful tour for us in Taiwan.

There's a suprise for us at the end of the travel! It's a gift called in-chang, it's a seal with a Chinese name transliterated from our name.

There's a story about this gift:

  In TAIWAN, people have more than two seal(印章) with their name in Chinese characters.

Stamping the seal is sometimes needed for document validation.

Seal also be used by artists as a key feature on their artwork for reorganization.

  We had transliterated your name into Chinese characters on this seal!

Hope you like it and do enjoy the tour in Taiwan 😎


🚗Fu City Chartered Cars

web site : http://fucitytainan.com/

Best regards,   Amanda



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